One guarantee that a speaker creates impact and is received well by the attendees is when the speaker is asked back to the same conference or association meeting or asked to present again at a different meeting by one of the attendees.

Robin has been asked back after every presentation.

She has presented to business conferences as well as personal development groups, large and small. She has been a speaker across the US and Internationally.

Segments from previous presentations:

Brainmapping & Changing Perceptions (4:38)

She can offer pre-defined presentations tweaked to your specific topic or create custom presentations unique to your request.

These presentations are designed to broaden the understanding and potential of changing beliefs.

Some previous topics are:
  • Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap
  • Navigating through Daily Demands
  • Kinesiology: Access to Information
  • Power Psychology: Science and Application
  • Placebo Effect and Beliefs
  • Juice Up Your Thinking
  • It’s All About Y.O.U.
  • Free Your Mind for Success
  • Thriving in the Jungle of Business
  • Transforming Doubts into Confidence
  • Toxic Beliefs are Hazardous
  • Dealing Effectively with Stress
  • Believe and Achieve
  • How Beliefs Affect Corporate Performance

Presentations can be 30 minutes to several hours or longer depending on desired outcomes.