Private Session

“Enlightenment is not a process of learning,
it is a process of unlearning.”
— Dr. Kat Domingo

“I am amazed at the results. I feel more grounded. I find that I am a new person each day because as I change and evolve then I approach things differently. AND I don't have to dredge up all the gunk and history!” A.Z., N.Y.

If you want to spend 100% focus with your personal list to replace old programs and habits by using these simple yet powerful processes of change, then a private one-on-one session is for you. These sessions are scheduled usually for one hour during the day, Monday through Friday.

They can be arranged for
  • face to face in my office
  • at an out of town location when I am traveling there for a workshop
  • long distance on the phone or online via Skype

“Robin has an exceptional skill and talent in working with PSYCH-K. Anyone in her workshops will experience a very talented leader. And to work with Robin on a personal, one-on-one level is a true gift to yourself.” B.M., Austin, TX

1. Choose either StartUp or Move Forward
2. Schedule the appointment time with me
3. Financial arrangements are agreed to
4. You arrive at the agreed to time, call designated phone number, or contact online
5. Express what you want to have as the focus for balancing
6. Balancing process is guided by me and completed by you

“I have had good and lasting results after each session. And sometimes the change is in a different area than we focused on. It seems that no matter what I balance, I get a benefit.” D.P., N.J.

Contact Robin Graham to discuss further or to schedule your session.