PSYCH-K® Results

Let’s say you are aware that every Sunday you feel depressed because you realize “Tomorrow I have to go to work.” Recognizing the pattern of sadness provides awareness yet does not necessarily change your reaction the next Sunday. Why?

Being aware is a conscious function and even though you think that is enough… it is not.
Your initial reaction is from below your conscious awareness called the subconscious.

Neuroscience research indicates that only 5% of our everyday thinking is conscious, the other 95% is reactionary and repetitive from the subconscious.

Does this mean you should avoid the subconscious and use determination to override it?
You have probably done that and discovered it is very hard work and typically fails.

working with the subconscious, you can quiet the repetitive thoughts and re-write old scripts, thoughts, or beliefs … and it is simple, easy and long lasting.

Simple and Effective

Healthy Eating

“It's been so weird since I did a balance about reaching a healthy weight goal. I have no appetite for junk food and when occasionally I find myself eating something like that, usually because someone wants to share, it doesn't taste all that good to me so I eat very little of it.

I also eat less at meals because I seem to get "full" signals earlier or maybe just pay more attention so I don't get to the "stuffed" stage and mindlessly eat.

Anyway, I've lost a pound or so a week since the class with no other effort. That seems to be working so well, I am going to see what I can do about stress issues.

This is fascinating stuff and works too!”

Freedom to Use Potential

Urgent... Not anymore!

I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to manage the morning trips into NYC, due to the (indelicate) urgent morning trips to the bathroom that my system was difficult, but I got thru it...

During the workshop, I balanced the belief that "When I arrive at the garage, I am relaxed and comfortable." (specifically about traveling to Philadelphia for doctor appointment)

After the workshop, on Monday and Tuesday mornings, my system had been transformed..."relaxed and comfortable" out-of-control demands...

This morning, Wednesday, I drove to Philadelphia for an appointment without any hint of ever having had any issue with urgency...I can't describe how powerful this transition feels...

As I study the handouts, I am deeply moved by my new awareness of the masterful, private divinity (superconsciousness) with whom I am now consciously interacting ...

Twice a week, I do a half hour, 140 degrees, infrared sauna treatment...during yesterdays’ time, I did 3 self-balances...exciting!!

Driving Anxiety to Capable in various situations

“The last thing we did before the workshop end was to change a phobia for me - fear of driving in icy conditions - and I said how what I wanted to feel was 'capable' while driving in those conditions.  Well, if you remember, I mentioned how I wasn't able to bring up the feeling of fear as much as I thought I needed to while I was in the Whole Brain Posture.  And really, I didn't believe much was happening (even though I did feel some energy leave thru the top of my head).  Still, I had that skeptic in me and I figured I would have to wait until winter to find out if anything had changed.
Wrong!  The drive back to Little Rock was on highways of course and I hadn't mentioned in class how nervous I get just driving highways anytime.  Nothing over the top, but bad enough that if there is a choice, I'll take a route that doesn't involve driving on the highway.  I don't know why it bothers me, but if the highway is crowded I'll be tense and have a tight grip on the steering wheel and cringe if an 18 wheeler comes up next to me.
So it isn't far from the hotel to the highway back to Little Rock and I was merging onto it within a few minutes of leaving.  I thought the highway would be fairly empty being a Sunday night.  But the next thing I know, I'm merging onto a busy highway.  Lots of cars driving too fast, changing lanes, bright headlights, I'm not familiar with the area so I had to watch the signs and then there was the construction as well.  All the worst things piled into one.  And by all rights I should have been hunched over the steering wheel, muscles tense with a pounding heart.  Except that I wasn't.
It probably took 10 minutes for it to even hit me, but I suddenly realized I was relaxed back in the seat, lightly holding the wheel and watching the traffic but not stressed out.  I felt calm and relaxed.  I was alert, taking proper care to watch the other drivers, but I felt . . . hmmm . . . what's the word I'm looking for here . . . CAPABLE!!!
Really, it just blew my mind.  It hadn't occured to me that my subconscious would generalize it to all of my driving.  And I hadn't even thought about my generalized anxiety towards driving while we were doing the balance.  And the funny thing was I kept thinking how NORMAL it felt to feel relaxed (if that makes any sense!). It was such a stark contrast to how I usually felt and until I experienced the change, I didn't know that the way I usually felt was so different from normal!” 

Negative Thinking

Change noticed on the way home from the workshop (same person as above Driving Anxiety to Capable Story):
“It had to do with the voice we all have in our heads that chatters at us all day and can be quite negative for a lot of people - me included.  I had become painfully conscious of it in the last few weeks since starting to read Eckhart Tolle and even though I'd been following his advice on how to quiet it I hadn't made any progress.  I end up driving a lot for my job and lately that voice has been driving me crazy.  The fall colors have been so pretty and I've just wanted that voice to be quiet so I could enjoy my drives in peace.  That's what I told my workshop partner, that I just wanted some peace.
So what we ended up balancing was “I have kind thoughts about myself and others.” And my partner can vouch that I had a hard time celebrating after the balancing.  I just couldn't believe that something that simple could change anything that quickly.  But there I was, on the road for 2 1/2 hours, just me and my thoughts and they wandered, like they usually do, to the past where painful memories abound.  First one memory and then the next and I can't say how long it took me, but at some point I realized I wasn't remembering the pain.  I can only say I was looking back fondly at those times and those people.  Even had a smile on my face while I was remembering.  And once I realized what was happening, I had to test it.  I tried to conjure up some feelings of pain, but all I could do was feel good inside.
And the absolutely best part was I was able to listen to John Denver again!  Ok, I know that sounds odd, but you have to understand that from the time I was 10 years old to sometime in my 20's, John Denver was my sanctuary.  His music was what I turned to for comfort through all those crazy teenage years.  Then, a few years before he died, he wrote his autobiography and a lot of what was in there disillusioned me.  Then the day he died, the clock radio woke me up and before I was fully awake, the DJ made the announcement and a part of me froze and stayed that way all these years.  I couldn't bear to listen to any of the memorials for him or listen to his music.  Couldn't grieve.  Just ... frozen.
But on the drive back to Little Rock, while I was driving so capable and smiling at old painful memories, I was suddenly struck by a desire to hear his music.  And then there I was, hearing him sing, singing along (because I know every word to every song) and all the joy I used to feel when I listened to him while growing up was back.  And it was wonderful.  A truly precious and completely unexpected gift.  So thank you Robin for sharing PSYCH-K and thank you too workshop partner for helping me with that balance.”

Phobia of Bridges... Gone

Relationship Grief

Relationship ended and individual is feeling grief and pain anytime she thinks or speaks of him. Crying and very upset.

Balanced several beliefs about accepting the end of the relationship and forgiving him and wishing him the best.

4 days later....
"Just wanted to let you know that the charge is most certainly gone.... He still comes across my mind...not as much as he did but when he does, it doesn't wind me up or freak me out. So THANKS. I'll be in touch for another session very soon!"

Stress/Anxiety Gone

“Couldn't wait to share the good news!!

I've always had a very apprehensive fear that began every Sunday afternoon and worsened throughout the night and on into Monday morning--very much like a panic attack--never knew why or where it came from, but it never failed to manifest--left me feeling drained until late Monday afternoon.

I completed a balance last Sunday evening, "I am happy and joyous every Sunday and Monday of every week." and the panic feeling left me IMMEDIATELY!!!! I felt like my old "upbeat" self looking forward to the day Monday morning and was very upbeat all week even though it was a very "hectic" week with additional responsibilities that literally "packed" every day--worked at least 14-16 hour days all week!!

I am still "flying high". Even more amazing to me was the fact that I didn't believe the balance would work--nothing had ever worked before (I had been experiencing this for at least 10 years or more). I feel so very grateful to have this "panic" experience out of my life! I'm so looking forward to helping others--I have no doubts now that it works! Thank you!!!”

Connected to Life

“Before PSYCH-K, I felt disconnected & outside of everything. Now I feel a part of and connected to the things and people in my life. It has helped me really love and enjoy my life and the people and experiences in my life.”

Fear of Driving

“My first balance was: ‘I am peaceful and energetic when I travel.’

The idea was to over-ride sixty years of motion sickness and my current dread of driving because it is so difficult to stay awake behind the wheel.

Today I drove to St. Louis, a total of six hours on the road. I took a new route that I had never traveled and left the city in heavy 5 p.m. traffic. I felt totally peaceful. So good that I sang almost the entire trip back. I never became sleepy or nauseated, and I have been working on a difficult
editing project since the moment I arrived home. I just noticed it is after 10 p.m. and I am still feeling great.

Gee, I guess I'm balanced!!”

Thought Change

“This morning, for the first time, the thought spontaneously popped into my head, ‘I feel like a million bucks!’ Wow, that is as good as winning the lottery for me. Thank you SO much!”

Paperwork in Order

“I wanted to get my paperwork in order and cut down to two filing cabinets at my house. My workshop partner and I created the belief statement: ‘I accomplish my goals.’ I was resistant to how simple that sounded but went ahead and defined what it meant using the VAK to the Future process and then balanced the statement.

Wow, I have been able to accomplish in eleven days what I had been avoiding for over six years! And it was painless and a huge relief! I am down to only one filing cabinet and it now has only two of three drawers filled. Thank you!

This teaches me that a change to which I am resistant, could indicate a change that would be of greater value to me than I can foresee.”

Straighten up house

and more
“I most definitely have a very strong sense of working WITH myself as opposed to struggling against myself in the areas that I've balanced.

Even after driving such a long distance back home, and yes I was tired when I got here, I still had a strong desire to put the laundry away and start getting my den decorated the way I really want it. (Defined during VAK to the Future and Balance completed in class.) And I didn't feel pressured to do it.... and I didn't feel resistance or as if I'm struggling with myself at all.

I feel as if I've gained a partner from within.

I also did a balance to reduce my coffee intake because I had been drinking way too much and couldn't seem to resist it at all. Now I simply do not feel the desire to keep drinking it all day long. By the way, class partner, I do feel fantastic. BIG SMILES!

Is it possible that by balancing such seemingly small areas of our lives that the "ripple effect" can be seen throughout other areas as well? The reason I ask is that, as I said before, I now feel as if I've gained a partner from within and this new, or renewed, partnership has given me an unexpected calm and peace deep inside. From my perspective the results can only be positive in all areas of my life.”

Yes, there often is a "ripple effect" or cascading impact from balancing in one area and experiencing additional results in a different area.
And that is one of the powerful aspects of PSYCH-K®!

A New Life

is now in the Works
This work or I should say this delightful enjoyment is “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (and I am not a Disney fan), however I believe this is possibly the only word adapt enough to describe the feeling from getting balance back in my life.

It seems so utterly counter intuitive for change to be this simple! We are all taught “without pain there is no gain. You must suffer to change. Change is fleeting. It cannot be sustained.” Well, that is not true anymore.

My meditation teacher once said you can only understand meditation if you have had the experience of meditation, otherwise it is just a concept. This work is the same in every way, without going through the course and living the work, it would be hard to understand its deep effect on the soul.

Thank you for allowing me to share in your passion. It is a rarity in this world of ours to find a facilitator to offer a better road ahead without having to give up anything other than my own disbelief...

PSYCH-K® Meets Yoga and Meditation

Fear of Chickens...flies the coop

Today was the first day of chicken sitting... I just want to say that I love PSYCH-K!!!! I was not afraid of the chickens. I walked into the chicken coop with no problems. I walked without looking where the chickens were-- I even bumped into one because I wasn't paying attention. Wasn't paying attention? Really?! I love that.

I even walked into one of the cages with three chickens inside. The cages are a foot and half wide and 3 feet deep. I am so impressed that I could be in such a small space with THREE chickens. I almost picked one up to see if I could do it but I chickened out. Okay, I apologize for the terrible pun, had to take it. :D I have a week of chicken duty. I hope to let go of any remaining hesitation and pick up a chicken.

Other phobias that I have tackled so far: dark, undefined noises, driving at night. My startle reflex is down too. I have jumped/screamed maybe twice since our weekend together... neither of which took my breath or induced sobbing! FANTASTIC!! As I type this I realize that how much I needed this. I know that sometimes we become complacent and don't notice that our current situation desperately needs change. Hooray for positive change!

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