Robin Graham

As a seeker of insight and questioner of conforming thought, the introduction of PSYCH-K® into Robin’s life felt like finding a part of herself that had been missing.

Although a success in corporate business and as an entrepreneur, she knew at a deep level that there was something bigger she was supposed to do. As well as a need to blend spirit with business.
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Her overriding focus was always on ensuring the customer’s desired results were being accomplished. However, often there was more determination than desire —sort of a forcing of ‘I have to’ rather than ‘I enjoy this’.

With the application of the PSYCH-K® processes, there is now a quiet peace of knowing and enjoying each moment.

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Since 1994, Robin has been facilitating personal growth with PSYCH-K® and helping herself and others discover how to break through old filters of limitation to experience greater confidence and success — both personally and professionally.

Selected in 1997 by the originator to be in the first Basic Workshop Instructor Certification.

Selected in 2003 by the originator to be in the first Advanced Integration Workshop Instructor Certification.

Designated in 2008 as the Certifying Instructor for Advanced Integration Workshop Instructors.

Most recently, she has been blessed with leading the initiative to present the powerful change processes of PSYCH-K® to the business arena utilizing the processes of PER-K®: Key to Sustainable Success. To explore more, visit

Robin has trained and presented locally and internationally including small groups through large conferences across the United States as well as Europe, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Her commitment is
to help people and organizations discover and live their greatness.

Offering private sessions, workshops and presentations.

"Robin has an exceptional skill and talent in working with PSYCH-K. Anyone in her workshops will experience a very talented leader. And to work with Robin on a personal, one-on-one level is a true gift to yourself."
Barbara M., Austin, TX

"Stunned that apparently simple processes can create such subtle yet astounding changes in my thoughts." Terri B., Memphis, TN

Contact Information:
Robin L. Graham
InnerActive Consulting Group, Inc.
1138 N Germantown Parkway, Suite 101-352
Cordova, TN 38016



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